What motivates me to write

I love strange meetings that change our lives… and I enjoyed developing this in a quirky way in The Knock at the Door. I’m not sure I really believe in the supernatural (says my rational self), on the other hand since my childhood I have kept my eyes open for omens… such as ,”If I run along this pavement without stepping on the cracks, there will be chips with our dinner”, or on a rainy day, “If that raindrop reaches the bottom of the window pane before that one, I’m going to get … for my birthday.” So the homunculus who shakes/shocks Stella out of her humdrum life fits in that scheme of things. And the fact that he speaks in different dialects is an added bonus, as I enjoy dialects, finding they often express emotions better  than standard English. The mysterious visitor in Cup of Friendship is another visitation that is life-changing.That story is Chapter 1 in a novel I am developing.